Göran, founder and CEO of Nature Academy Learning Lab lives in Stockholm. Since the early 90’s he utilizes nature as the main teacher and the classroom for innovation and change. In his work for sustainable development and leadership training, he finds natures beauty as his partner and companion. He also finds great inspiration for bringing about “new” perspective and awareness from ancient wisdom and Universal principles. One of his partners and source of inspiration since the midst of 90’s is Faithkeeper Oren Lyons.

He has been inspired by the Organization Learning theories where he as a management consultant has been using these ”transformative learning disciplines” within a broad scale of projects. His work has ranged from community building, corporate strategic development, and leadership training. Working together with communities and decision-makers Göran’s focus is on developing a balance between social ethics, environmental awareness, and sustainable economic development.

Göran is engaged in Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) at MIT, Boston since the middle of 90’s and develop SoL Sweden 1999, and has been a board member since then. Göran became a driving force within the design team and created the first Core Course outside of the USA taking place in Stockholm, 2000. He has worked together with Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer as a facilitator. In 2004 Göran was co-facilitating the SoL annual meeting in Boston and the full day key-note experience – Nature as the teacher and the classroom.

Göran has also been faculty since the midst of 90th and been coaching Project Managers at SSE Stockholm School of Economics, in the U-theory by using Nature as the teacher and the classroom for advanced leadership training programs. (SSE is ranked as best in Nordic Region in Financial Times executive education ranking).

Göran is the co-founder of United Spaces year 2000. Probably the world’s first coworking space, with more than 1500 people in 3 major cities.

Göran has been Senior Advisor at Tällberg Foundation since 2005. The Tällberg Foundation operates through designing learning processes in the pursuit of new creative ideas and consciousness of the wider context. It operates through educational programs, reporting, and research. It also increasingly works in an advisory capacity. The Tällberg Foundation is a search organization improving the understanding of the wider global systems contexts – to inspire the designs of better logic, policies, processes, strategies, structures, technologies and institutions. The end game is to provide operational answers to the questions “How on earth can we live together – we humans and we with nature?”.

Göran Gennvi board member Ekskäret Foundation with the aim facilitate the co-creation of a more conscious society, the Ekskäret Foundation creates arenas and various initiatives with the goal of stimulating sustainable development at both an individual as well as a societal level. Göran as one of the pioneers who introduced methods for transformative development in Sweden and Europe, through close collaboration with Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer and together with John P Milton he has conducted numerous ”Nature Quest” with both Swedish and international top leaders. Göran possesses unique knowledge about how these techniques work and are implemented, which is of high value for Transformative Learning.

Together with, and inspired by, professors Oren Lyons and John P. Milton, Gennvi explored methods of management training for corporate leaders that resulted in the concept of Conscious Leadership and GetWiLD programs.

Contact Göran: Phone +46 8 7163677, mail gennvi@naturakademin.se

Göran gennvi

Göran Gennvi, Naturakademin Learning Lab AB

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