The beauty of nature touches all human beings and brings meaning and content to our lives. Deep down, we all feel a kinship with nature and recognize that everything belongs together.Göran Gennvi

Our purpose is to help people re-connect and open an authentic connection with Outer, Inner and True Nature and develop the inherent know-how and intuition, the slumbering instincts and talents here and now, in everyday life. To discover the beauty of the small and the large, by being in and enjoying nature to its full. Welcome to Get WiLD by Naturakademin Learning Lab AB.

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Transformative personal development based on life generative principles. We create opportunities not only for intellectual understanding but for transformational and practical, immersive learning experience.


SELF – Re-calibrated your inner compass that allows you to summon balance and focus in the places where decisions are made. Immerse yourself and listen inwards. Re-connect to the inner, outer and true nature.

Leadership & Dialogue

WE – Conscious Leadership is based on connection from a place of awareness and relationships. Meaning through conversation and dealing with uncertainty as a servant for Self, We and wider We. We call it the Art of Life.

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WIDER WE – cultivate your understanding of what is true, right, or lasting; the power to decide wisely. A Wisdom displayed in “common sense” and good judgment to the benefit of all life, that stands the test of time.


Get WiLD by Naturakademin Learning Lab provides immersive, nature experiences built around a Solo time alone in nature. It’s a contemporary version of the ancient ritual of going into nature alone for contemplation, renewal and realignment. Retreating alone in wild nature provides a powerful opportunity to step back and reflect on your life and work whilst reconnecting to nature. It opens up to an experience of a deep relationship with the natural world, which can enrich your own life and others as well as give a deeper understanding of nature as a whole. The core of the retreat is the Nature Quest, time alone in nature. It creates a setting for you to open an authentic connection with Outer, Inner and True naturer. To calibrate the inner compass and establish a deeper under­standing of your inner self and a deeper sense of interconnectedness with the natural world.


We work with the core of Transformative Learning, the process of ”perspective transformation”.

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Calibrated your inner compass so that you can summon up balance and focus in your everyday working life.

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Reconnect with Nature and your deeper purpose. Map out a clear vision and prioritize the steps to make it real.

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  • It was a great adventure, I seem to have returned looking rested and tanned the assumption being I had been relaxing on the beach. If only they knew. Hard to really share something so detailed to do with time and the senses opening up particularly in everyday discourse. I have come away with something to treasure and the sense of more of this work being necessary. I know it is a start of a process that fits into other processes already taking place in me.

  • I was fortunate to participate in Naturakademins's recent, WiLD Nature Quest in the mountains up north in Sweden July. I got to some profound understandings about my life and my self.
  • In my work I have relied largely on my intellect and applied "the Harvard way" to the tough challenges that need to be dealt with. The simple techniques that Naturakademin and WiLD taught us, during a retreat for business leaders, provided a turning point for me. It is as simple as: Slowing down the mind and letting the answers come without effort, and from a deeper source. I think all people - but especially those that lead others - should have access to these techniques. And the earlier you get them - the better!

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